Thursday, May 31, 2012

Galadhrim Knights and Heroes

Here are the Galadhrim I have painted lately. Next up after these models is my reaver jetbikes for 40k. This is all the Galadhrim other than some named characters. Will be getting another box of knights soon. Looking forward to playing against my friend and his full painted force.

All 6 knights

Knight with bow

Knight with Sword and Shield

Captain with sword, my fav Lotr model so far

Captain with bow


Guards of Galadhrim Court


Full Army

Full Army 2

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So here are all my Galadhrim warriors on foot I have right now. One of the old boxes of 24, somehow I am missing one bowman and another got his bow broke and I cannot find the piece. I will be getting another box worth to bring me up to 600pts. I really like these models and how easy they are to paint.

The Galadhrim with sword

Close up


Spear guy with shield close up

Without shield


Bow close up

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lórien Guard a Galadhrim Army

The three brothers

So honestly I picked up Galadhrim because I liked the models. But after reading more on them I find they are a awesome force that even though not really in the lord of the rings books did fight during the last battle in the war for the ring against Dol Guldur.

The one thing that I liked was the three brothers Rúmil, Haldir, and Orophin. Most people will only really know Haldir from the Helms deep battle from the movies. Rúmil and Orophin are his brothers that in the movie and the books took the fellowship to Lórien to meet with Galadriel and Celeborn. Haldir was the only one that spoke the common tongue.

The army I have made is to be the three brothers fighting off Khamûl the Easterling leading the forces of Dol Guldur during the War of the Ring. I have to use a normal captain for Orophin as there are no rules for him in the game.

Rúmil with elven cloak
4 Galadhrim Warriors with shields
5 Galadhrim Warriors with spears
3 Guards of Galadhrim Court

Haldir with armor and elven cloak
9 Galadhrim Warriors with bows

Orophin on a horse with a shield
Galadhrim knight with banner
5 Galadhrim knights with shields

8 might, 30 models, 15 break point

The idea is to move up  Rúmil  then hit them with the knights to deliver the knock out blow. The bows will just sit back and take out easy targets. This is a small army but with everything with high might and working together it should work out well.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Netrunner is back!

The new face of netrunner

It's back! After over ten years of being out of print Fantasy Flight has picked up Netrunner and placed it in their Android Universe. Netrunner was one of the most underrated games of it's time, but even now still has a backing and people playing online. I loved the rules for Netrunner back then but I could never get anyone to play it rather than magic. Now that it is a LCG(living card game) I will have everything for 2 people to play. In Netrunner you either play has the Corps or the Netrunner, with the Corps trying to build up security to their computer systems and the runners trying to break in. It is a game of risks and planning and was a lot of fun to play back in the day. I am looking forward to reviewing the game as soon as it comes out and getting friends into it.

Netrunner 2 player starter from 1996

Friday, May 4, 2012

Adepticon Day 4 and Wrap up

Probably my favorite thing from the Crystal Brush

Day 4

I finally get a good night of sleep. I arrive at the Malifaux masters and we started soon as all 8 of us made it there. I didn't take any pictures as I tried to make sure I did not make any mistakes. Of course I still did. Game one I played against Shawn who I beat in round 2 the day before. This time I won 8-2 and would have gotten 8-0 if we could have finished the last turn. We skip lunch and keep going, I face outcasts in the semi-finals. The mission is deliver the message his schemes are eye for an eye and kill protege, mine are sabotage and kill protege. My plan is to get sabotage off and kill my master so he cannot get the points from the mission and kill Cassandra so he cannot get kill protege. I move up Cassandra to set off sabotage but I do it in a way she cannot come back to my side of the board. She is shot down in a hail of fire and I cannot do the plan I had. With her down and 8 billion gremlins after me I lose the round 6-2. Andrew the guy I was playing was a lot of fun and went on to win it all. I spent the rest of the day just messing around and resting as by this point I was half dead.

Wrap up

So another Adepticon down. I had a ton of fun and I am planning on going next year. In total in Malifaux I went 5-3-1 so for only having one person to play against in my area I guess we are doing it right. I plan on next year to play different games I bought most of a Warmachine army while I was there and plan on bring it and my lord of the rings. I also plan on not doing any serious events, even though I had great games against great people, I think I would enjoy just playing in story events or doing pick up games for Warmachine. Next year I plan on getting VIG tickets again just because I will be getting a shirt and glass anyways so it is worth it for me. Post in the comments if you have any good stories from adepticon to tell as I would love to hear them!

 Awesome 55m Chaos Knight
 American Dust Warfare Walker
I love the smoking boots!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Adepticon Review Day 3

The evil pigapult

The start of day 3 a wake up, with around 4 hours of sleep. I know this will cost me in the long run. I get to the Malifaux Master Qualifier with plenty of time though. Game 1 was against Avatar Somer gremlins, I take Colette as it is shared destroy the evidence. Cassandra grabs the neutral evidence first move of the game and I out run him to the rest, he did get Body Guard and 2 of his evidence markers, 8-4. Game two was against Rasputina and after learning how bad Rasputina did on this mission the last qualifier I take Ramos. After a hard fight I win the mission 5-2. Game 3 I find myself at the top table versus Avatar Ramos, and I take him myself. I made a lot of mistakes that I wouldn't have made if I had more sleep and lost the game 0-8. This knocks me down to 10th place. I stay around for the awards and get in the Masters due to people that cannot play or already qualified.
Ramos getting all 8 points himself

After the masters I go back to the room and veg out for awhile. Then I check on my friend I am rooming with playing Warhammer. At this time he was 1-1 losing the second game due to his wizard blowing up turn 1. I take some pictures of it and then some of the Crystal Brush. Just talking and goofing off the rest of the day I finally head to bed around 11pm while watching discovery channel.

 The biggest unit of Rat Ogres I have ever seen.
 I love the Forge World Dragon

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adepticon Review Day 2

Me fighting the dreamer at the cake match Thursday

So day 2 comes early with me getting up to make sure I get my 30 min early into the vendor hall. When I arrive down at it there is already a line for Forgeworld, oh well I just want the con only miniatures so I will pick them up later in the weekend without the wait. I get in and go right to battlefoam to buy the foam for super dungeon explorer for my wife, but they did not bring it with them. I head to the cool mini or not area and see there is really no one from soda pop miniatures this year. I pick up some instant mold and some spartan statue parts for terrain. I mess around most the day checking in on my friend playing in the lord of the rings tournament(for battle reports go to his blog .) 

Finally it hits the time for the Malifaux Master Qualifier 1.  First game I am against Cheated Fates podcaster Joe and his Rezzers. The mission is destroy the evidence and I take Colette. After me stopping him destroying some of his evidence the game ends 7-5. I could have gotten 8 but the terrain stop Cassandra from getting the neutral marker first move. Second game was Shared Escape and Survive I was playing against Colette and I took Raspitina. This was a HUGE mistake he spanked me into the group and killed everything I had 0-8 loss. Game 3 and Rezzers again, this time we are playing Shared Claim Jump, we tied at 5-5 with a huge pile of models on the claim marker. I ended up around the middle of the pack. Joe and the Colette player both placed but the Colette player passed it down. I wish I took some pictures but I was tired and forgot my camera in the hotel room. After the award I run upstairs and try to sleep.