Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hydra Dominatus

Today I bring you the Elites of my army. The only Elites I really have are 8 terminators which I run in different amounts and set ups. The most common way is just 3 melta terminators which are cheap and are a force that my opponent has to deal with.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hydra Dominatus

Posting a lot later than normal today just too much going on. I figured now that I have a light box I'd finally going to get good pictures of all my Alpha Legion models. First up Heavy Support. I really do not have much when it comes to this just a Land Raider and 4 Obliterators. I am planning on adding more to this slot with 3 defilers, a vindicator, and a predator but for now here is what I have so far.

The Land Raider usually gets full of berserkers.

Oblits usually running 2 groups of 2 or a group of 3.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Malifaux model

Last night I started on my first model for my Malifaux there is a lot of detail on these models so I will be taking my time with this so far I've gotten most of the base coat done. This was my first time doing stripes on a model. I think I did a ok job but they aren't straightest.

The next step is to do a mud wash on it and then do highlights. I'm still not sure how I will base these models either it will be resin bases or I will be making cobblestone myself out of greenstuff. Also this is my first time using the my new light box that I got in last week and I'm pretty happy on how it turned out. I should have this model finished by last week and I'll post the final product.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life in the way.

Well this last Wednesday I had sugery to remove a kidney stone so not much done on the hobby side of things. But on the good side of things I just got these in.

Best Birthday present ever!

So look forward to going with my girlfriend and taking tons of pictures so look in the future for blogs and happenings with gencon.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Malifaux the beginning.

So I have been wanting to try out a new game to take a break from all the Games Workshop games I have been playing for years. After much reading and listening to podcasts like D6 Generation I finally picked out Malifaux.

Malifaux is a small skirmish game that you have to pick a master from one of the 3 factions(each faction has 3 masters), with a force of a around 4-7 models to go with them. I went for the Arcanist faction master Ramos, he is a caster like all of the Arcanists but can build and buff constructs like steampunk spiders and robots. So I spent around 75 bucks on models to fill out my force with this I got around 75 soulstone(Normal games are around 35 soulstones) worth of models, the rulebook, and a deck( the game uses a deck of cards rather than dice to do the random part of fights).

Most of the models I ordered.

My plan for Malifaux is to slowly paint all the models one at a time between working on my Orc and Goblin army to keep me from going insane with green models. In total I have 13 things to paint with this and I want to do some counters and a display board for the small force. I am hoping to finish this all by next year at the latest. Next week I am planning to post my first painted model for this force keep a watch out for it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

40k Display Board Part 2

So with the board being based and ready to go the next step was to get it primed up. For this I used flat black Krylon primer. This step was a pain because I didn't want the paint to mess up in the humid weather we have been having so after I primed a bit of it I had to take it in to let it dry in the cooler air.

After a day of slowly getting the whole things good and primed.

After getting it primed I started on doing a quick couple of dry brushes of Apple Barrel Grey Paint. If you haven't tried this paint it is great for anything large terrain project and being around 2 bucks a big bottle it will last you for a good bit. So after dry brushing it, I went out and tried Krylon Mat Vanish since I had great things about it, and when I did it melted off the spray paint on the border of the board making me have to hand paint all of the sides. I don't know if I was using it too close or what but I hope I can get it to work on future projects since I have 2 cans of the stuff. So finally after repainting the sides and using a different varnish I finished the board and I am very happy with how it turned out.

A couple of pictures of the display ready for action

Total cost of the board 10 bucks with tons of stuff left over

Thursday, July 1, 2010

40k Display Board Part 1

So with me trying to go to more tournaments I need a new display board as my old one had broken apart and was to big for easy transport. So with this in mind I went to walmart to get some items to make it with. I came home with some sand, spray paint and a 5 dollar cork board.
The glue I already had and the sand(forgot to take a picture of the board).

So with all the items I needed on hand I went to work covering the board with watered down glue and slowly putting the sand on it. I let this layer of sand dry for a day and then painted another layer of watered down glue on top of it. So after two days of work I have a board ready to prime and paint.

After the sand first got glued down with a model to show scale.

Layer of watered down glue over the top.