Monday, April 30, 2012

Adepticon 2012 Review Day 1

40k room going on full blast

So another Adepticon is behind us. After 10 hours of driving we arrived at the Con around 4pm on Thursday. After we checked, got our badges and ate dinner I went down to the Malifaux cake match. 

All the cakes.

All the cakes where awesome, my zebra cakes looked crappy to most of them. We split off into teams of 3. My team was 2 outcast Viktoria crews and me playing Rasputina. Of the team I was the only one that won their match. That was fine as this was just a fun match and it was a good warm up for the weekend. After the match the judges all got a plate of cake and chowed down. After much eating and debating they crowned the winner. The pig cake which they said was the most moist.

The winning cake.
After the cake match was done I ran down to the 24 hour game store, and picked up a couple of Lord of the Rings miniatures and then headed to bed.

Changes ahead

Well after letting this blog sit way too long without updates, it's time to get things rolling. Now that I am back in school, this will be a great place to keep up on my work and start using html more. I have a ton of painted stuff to post up as soon as I can take more pictures.

One of the major things I am doing right now is going on a buying freeze after I get 35 points of Khador. I will no longer buy any miniatures till I paint a army for every system I play. I have sold my Chaos Marines so I do not even have a painted 40k army. Right now I am finishing my Lothlorien army for Lord of the Rings. Then I plan on doing a 40k unit then a fantasy unit. After that I will work on either some Warmachine or Malifaux. I will continue to keep this up till all of it is painted. Not buying anything will be hard, but if I can get everything painted I will feel better about my collection. I will keep this update with my progress. Wish me luck!