Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6th book, templates, and other things!

Collectors and I like to call the Hipster bag Editions

The Normal 75 buck rulebook

Fancy Templates, Tape Measure, and Dice for EVERYTHING

More pics of dice and it looks like dice holders
Psyhic Power Cards

Magic Lists
So there we have it, 6th stuff. The book looks nice but I will be waiting on the small version. I like the dice but I already have counters from another company so no use for me there. Dice holders are pretty smart, as it hopefully will keep you from picking them up and its better than the ugly 5th counters. I do not like the templates or the Ruler.The templates look good in the pictures but I bet they look as bad as the fantasy ones. The ruler how do you hold it? It probably Will break easier than a 4 buck one from home depot. Cards for the new Psychic Powers, interesting but what about daemons and orks? Are they screwed till they get a book or will they give us something for them. I guess time will tell.

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