Monday, June 18, 2012

6th edition Rulebook cover and thoughts.

40k Rulebook cover

So here it is the cover for the new 6th rules of 40k. As with many people I am hoping this book will fix the issues that 5th edition was starting to show. Not that I think 5th was bad, just once again GW shows they love the codex creep as they did in 6th edition fantasy. So if we go by the price of the fantasy rulebook it will be 74.25.

Now I am sure this will be a awesome book just like the fantasy one. the issue I have is to get a cheap book I will have to wait till the 2 player set comes out. Will cost around 25 bucks then but I will have to grab it from eBay. So why does this matter? Well many other games the rules are cheaper to get you hooked into it.

Starting out with my favorite of them Malifaux, the rulebook is only 15 bucks. Now this book is just the rules.Even when you want more with fluff you can pick up this book and 2 of the books with fluff and model rules(not needed in the game since the rules come on the cards with the models) for the price of the GW book.I would rather see someone buy the rules and one of the starter boxes and even that will be around 20 bucks cheaper than the 40k rulebook.

The Warmachine/Hordes rulebooks are only 29.99 each, so with the savings you could buy one of their awesome starters for 50 to get you a good start to go with the book. Spartan games rulebooks are 33each and once again you can spend 50 bucks to get a awesome starter for any army that you want to go with it. Looking at some other games which I do not have any experience with Infinity the rulebook is 40, Dust Tactics is 40.00, Mantic Games have the rules for free and the only one that is close to GW in price is Flames of War at 60.00.

So as many other have stated before me, GW really needs to get their act together and get the price down some to make the game appealing to more people. I believe this will happened but not for a long time. The other companies are gaining more and more players and GW will not even think of them till they become a real threat to them. The only advice I can give you is if you are tired of GW prices, support the smaller companies and find a game you and your group will like and play it instead. The companies I have listed have all been around for years and will not be going anywhere and most will treat you like a person not just a dollar bill.

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